3PW - Portable Pet Paw Washer

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Dogs love to play in the dirt and mud – it’s natural. As a dog owner, we enjoy letting our pups do what they do best while outdoors. Unfortunately, that means frequently cleaning doggy paws after digging holes or even just from a few minutes outside to go to the bathroom after a heavy rain. the method used to be simply wiping their paws with a towel that we kept by the door. However, thanks to wonderful and innovative 3PW, we now have easier options for cleaning our dogs paws, and properly cleaning paws may be more important than you think.


Even the prissiest dogs are often gravitationally attracted to mud, puddles, and other filthy areas – dogs will be dogs, after all.

While you may not mind if your pooch gets a little dirty, you certainly don’t want him tracking dirt all over your home. This means you need to clean off your dog’s paws before letting him inside.

There are a number of different ways you can clean your dog’s feet, but the easiest and most effective way to do so is with the help of a paw washer.

Some products use harsh bristles, brushes, or other scrubbing techniques to score the paw pads and strip the fur as it's treated to remove dirt. Instead, the dog-friendly Paw Legend Portable Dog Paw washer by using soft gentle silicone bristles to remove mud, dirt, road salt, and lawn chemicals from paws. Keeps cars, floors, and furniture dirt-free.

You now have a power-cleaned paw ready to return to the house !

  • PORTABLE DOG PAW WASHER - remove mud, dirt, salt, sand ; Keep dirty paws out of your home and off your floors, carpet, furniture and car ;
  • MEDIUM PAW PLUNGER - petware designed for medium sized dogs weighing between 15 to 45 pounds ;
  • HOW TO USE - add warm water to the top row of bristles, insert a dirty paw, gently moving it in and out of the plunger while the bristles wash away the dirt. Use a towel to dry each soggy foot and pour away dirty water ;
  • LET THE PAW CLEANER DO THE WORK - soft bristles easily remove dirt from paws, nails and lower legs in seconds.


  • 1x pet paw plunger

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